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Dimmed GI
High quality LED for General Illumination (GI) on the playfield and in the backbox.
Superflux Plus
Non-ghosting LED suitable for inserts and controlled lamps on the playfield. Produces a soft and very nice light.
Suitable for general illuination (GI) on the playfield and in the backbox.
Super Bright
Excellent allround LED that can be used anywhere, on the playfield for GI and in the backbox.
Premium 2-LED
These are are best 2-LEDs we carry. They have extra componets to prevent Ghosting. Also have a Clear Cap to spread light to the sides.
Pop Bumper LEDs
LEDs specifically developed for pop bumpers. One powerful LED in the centre surrounded by four smaller LEDs produce a soft and nice light.
Wide 170 Degree
Wide angle LED suitable for general illumination (GI) on the playfield and in the backbox.
Double LED
These High Quality Double LED lights with additional cover resemble the look of a Standard Light Bulb.
Super 5
5 LED with high power suited for dark spots on the playfield or anywhere else where light is desired in all directions.